Chris Brown Thanks Adele for Defending Him

Chris Brown seemed to take control of his Twitter account long enough to thank British singer Adele for her recent support of him.

After a recent image of both Adele and Brown at the 55th annual Grammy awards went viral, a number of media outlets and fans questioned if he was being reprimanded. However, the British singer made sure to clear up rumors that she scolding Brown.

"Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually,"Adele tweeted after hearing about the rumors.

Brown caught wind of Adele's response and decided to show her his appreciation on his social networking website.

"Pleasure to meet u @OfficialAdele I heard your words and thats all that matters," Brown tweeted. "Thank you for speaking truth. CB."

Although Brown's Twitter account is still active, very few personal messages have been written on the social networking website since November, when he let the world know that he would stop using it. All of the messages posted on his Twitter account are either written by his staff or others who tweet about his appearances, charities and other promotions.

Last November, Brown engaged in a Twitter feud with comedian and writer Jenny Johnson, which resulted in the singer taking down his social networking page. After fans noticed his personal tweet to Adele, they did not hesitate to respond.

"I love you" and "Awww," were written by many people who commented on the singer's tweet.

However, some did not let Brown live down his 2009 physical altercation with Rihanna.

"Don't punch her ok," one person tweeted.

However, Brown seemed to be focused on love on Valentine's Day when he tweeted to Adele.

"CB:HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all the beautiful women in the world. Our Queens..... Our mothers, sisters, and daughters," Brown tweeted. "I love you."