Chris Brown Unleashes Twitter Rant After Social Media Hiatus

Chris Brown recently revealed that he is no longer focusing on his romantic relationship with fellow singer Rihanna and decided to unleash on a Twitter rant for over 12 million fans to see.

Brown, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter who recently celebrated a birthday, took to Twitter to engage in a cryptic Twitter rant before and on his birthday.

"Live and you (expletive) learn," Brown exclaimed in a post on May 5. "Lol Ima just focus on my music."

During the weeks before his birthday, Brown let his social media network followers know that he was searching for peace.

"Someone asked what I wanted for my BDAY?? My reply: PEACE," Brown tweeted. "(Expletive) is overrated now a days. Just remember to keep ya (expletive) head up."

For the majority of 2013, Brown gave up control of his social media networks. Last January he let fans know why he no longer wanted to take part in social media.

"Social media takes away the essence of why we are even special or icons," Brown wrote to fans on his Instagram account last January. "So with that, I'm detaching myself from that world."

The entertainer admitted that for him, giving up social media was a logical decision.

"I think it's smarter as an entertainer and as a leader. I have to think logically. When I'm too attainable, it makes me too down," Brown told MTV last March. "Now I express it through my music and through my paintings as well. What I want to talk about comes out, and the beat fills in the rest."

Although it seems that he is back in control of his Twitter account, the singer previously spoke about sharing his reality with fans through his music instead of social media.

"All of it coexists with my reality now. I'm an open book," Brown told MTV previously. "I think the way my life is, people want to know all the time, so I have to let them know through my music."