Chris Brown's Bodyguard Says Drake's Letter About Rihanna Fueled Brawl

Chris Brown's bodyguard, Patrick Strickland, is suing W.i.P nightclub and rapper Drake, who he alleges started a violent brawl between the two musicians and their entourages last summer.

Strickland, 43, suffered from head injuries after Brown, the 23-year-old singer songwriter, and Drake, 25-year-old rapper, engaged in an exchange at the New York City W.i.P. nightclub last June. However, Brown's bodyguard insisted that Drake and the nightclub were to blame for the melee in a recent court filing.

Strickland alleged that the nightclub's employee served Brown a note that prompted trouble by referring to the singer's girlfriend Rihanna.

"I'm (expletive) the love of your life," Drake reportedly wrote in a note to Brown, according to Strickland's account in the New York Daily News.

The lawsuit states that Drake's note sparked a verbal encounter that led to both the singer and rapper's entourage to become violent after being seated in such a close proximity. As a result of the brawl, Strickland was hit in the head, which led to him receiving stitches.

Strickland suffered from "severe and disfiguring injuries to his face, head and eyes," according to the bodyguard's lawsuit that was featured in New York Daily news reports.

Brown's bodyguard is one of many people that were present at the club and decided to sue W.i.P and its associates, including San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker. While neither Brown or Drake have spoken in detail about the melee, the former took to Twitter after the brawl took place last June.

"How (do) you party with rich (expletives) that hate," Brown questioned on his Twitter last June. "Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!"

Brown also tweeted a picture of his face with a gash on his chin before removing any tweets that showed signs of the incident. Since the incident, both Brown and Drake have subliminally spoken negatively about one another in various musical releases.