Chris Brown's Reps Deny Payout, Rihanna-Karrueche Tran Conversation

Chris Brown's representatives are doing damage control and debunking rumors concerning the 23-year-old entertainer and his love triangle with ex-girlfriends Rihanna and Karrueche Tran.

Although Brown was the subject of rumors concerning him giving Tran money to move out of their shared Los Angeles residence, another report surfaced about Rihanna and Tran engaging in a heart-to-heart telephone conversation about their relationship with the singer. However, Brown's representatives recently spoke to E! News to reveal that the rumors are "not true."

Brown's representatives refuted reports from British newspaper The Sun. According to the publication, a source close to Brown allegedly said that he wanted to offer Tran money so that she could buy a new home and move on with her life.

"Neither Rihanna nor Chris want to make things harder for her than they already are," the source reportedly said. "Chris wants to set her up financially and do right by her – he wants her to stay in his life if possible."

The source also reportedly told The Sun that Tran and Rihanna engaged in a conversation initiated by the latter.

"Rihanna called Karrueche for a proper heart-to-heart. They needed to air a few problems," a source allegedly said. "The girls talked for close to two hours. Rih answered all of the questions and Karrueche had a few home truths to tell her."

While Brown's representatives were not willing to admit that any of the information spewed from The Sun's sources were correct, the singer has been very candid about his relationship with the two women recently.

Brown announced that he would break up with Tran in a TMZ report and released a video shortly after where he admitted that he loved both her and Rihanna in a snippet titled "The Real Chris Brown."

"Ya'll don't really get the real Chris Brown so I like to just be honest man...I'm stressed out. It ain't about the music, I love my fans it's just when you share history with somebody then you tend to fall in love with somebody's kinda difficult you know what I'm saying," Brown said. "Is there such a thing as loving two people? I don't know if that's possible but for me I just feel like that."