Chris Kyle Shot: Former Navy Sniper With Record Kills, Murdered (VIDEO)

Chris Kyle, a former Navy Seal sniper, who was credited with the highest record of confirmed kills, has been shot at a Texas shooting range on Saturday.

Kyle was one of two men who were shot and killed at a north Texas gun range at around 3:30 p.m. A 25-year-old man named Eddie Ray Routh was arrested late Saturday night and held on charges of capital murder, according to The Associated Press.

Routh allegedly opened fire on Kyle and 35-year-old Chad Littlefield before fleeing in one of the victim's trucks, according to reports. Routh was found later in the evening at his home.

Kyle, 38, had earned multiple awards for valor during his time in the Navy Seals in addition to killing a record 150 targets assigned to him as a sniper.

Kyle later wrote a book of his experiences in the military titled, "American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History."

The motive behind the shooting is still uclear.

After retiring from the Navy in 2009, Kyle moved with his wife, Taya, and two children to Texas where he helped to head off the Heroes Project, providing fitness equipment to injured veterans in need.

In an interview last year, Kyle admitted that he missed the service but had no choice but to retire. Kyle said his wife sat him down and offered him an ultimatum forcing him to choose between the military and his kids. The man, known as the "The Legend" by his fellow Navy members, chose his family.

"She means the world to me, especially the kids I didn't really have the opportunity to know," he said in an interview last year with DFW CBS. "I want to make sure they knew their dad, and know how much I love them."

The Lancaster Police Department have referred all calls to the Texas Department of Public Safety in Garland. No information about where Routh is being held, has been released.