Chris Paul Embarrasses Kobe Bryant After Epic Slam Dunk (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) REUTERS/Lucy NicholsonL.A. Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant

Clippers' Point Guard Chris Paul is having the last laugh after Saturday nights's L.A. Clippers VS L.A. Lakers game in which the 27-year-old's fourth quarter jumpshot left Kobe Bryant red-faced.

In what appeared to be a retaliation move against Bryant, who embarrassed him earlier in the game, Paul's skillful dribbling and fancy footwork extended the Clippers' lead to 103-97 just as the shot clock was running out. The Clippers' eventually won 107-102 to move to 26-8 on the season.

"The shot clock was running down, and Kobe was forcing me left. I got a shot on him, and luckily it went in," Paul told reporters after the game.

Paul's revenge shot came after Bryant, 34, intercepted a pass and skillfully avoided him during the first quarter before hammering it down in what fans have applauded as an epic dunk. The Lakers' shooting guard ultimately finished with 38 points while Paul tallied 30 points and 13 assists.

This is not the first time that Paul has humiliated the usually flawless Bryant on court. In 2011 his skillful moves threatened Bryant's ankle in a contest between the two L.A. teams and The Clippers, who have faced the Lakers twice so far this season, came out on top winning the game, 114-95.

On Thursday Bryant spoke to reporters after practice. He was asked whether the Clippers could potentially take home the first Larry O'Brien Trophy in franchise history.

"They're definitely one of the top contenders...They're very spectacular. They're fun to watch. There's no question about it," Bryant said as he talked about this "Lob City" crew in relation to the vaunted "Showtime" Lakers of Magic Johnson's era. "They have higher jumpers than Showtime, though."