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Chris Rice Seeks Broader Audience With 'Amusing'

Chris Rice Seeks Broader Audience With 'Amusing'

Folk-pop artist and Christian music veteran Chris Rice will be releasing his newest work, Amusing next Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2005, to stores everywhere.

Amusing is the first project on Rice’s new label, eb+flo records, which was started by Rice’s producer, Monroe Jones. Rice, who spent the majority of his career on Michael W. Smith’s Rocketown Records, says he made the change in order to reach a broader audience.

“I know that there are plenty of people out there who would really enjoy how I entertain, but they have no idea that I am in town to do a show because they don’t listen to Christian radio,” says Rice. “Now let’s move on to the next thing, find the next venture.”

Exploring topics such as the passage of time (“Tick Tock”), optimism (“Lemonade”) and relationships (“When Did You Fall”), Rice says that Amusing is not a downplay of his faith, but, rather, a more creative expression of it.

“Everything that I do is connected with my faith, but it doesn’t mean that in everything I do I’m going to be quoting Bible verses and trying to make a spiritual point,” says Rice, who has been visiting adult contemporary stations promoting the album’s first single “When Did You Fall.”

Despite Rice’s new direction, Christian radio stations continue to support the artist, with “Love Like Crazy” being the first single to hit airwaves. Rice admits to being concerned about, “a little backlash, but honestly I haven’t had any of that.”

In addition to its release on CD, Amusing will be available as a special DualDisc that will include exclusive video footage.

On Oct. 11, eb+flo will issue a live DVD, "Inside Out," recorded at Rice’s Nashville home before an audience consisting mainly of "college kids and families from the neighborhood."

Rice will tour this fall with Jars of Clay and Sara Groves.

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