Christian ‘Superheroes’ Urged to Reclaim the Supernatural

A unique book has been released urging Christians to recover the supernatural world and to experience miracles on the earth today.

The Christian Superhero Training Guide, written by Christian author and minister Kenneth Clifton, attempts to awaken Christians to their supernatural abilities by encouraging them with past and present biblical examples.

In the book, Clifton argues that believers have forgotten about the amazing power that God can grant humans. Today, Christians believe more in the supernatural powers of the world rather than in the divine aid of God.

"We, as Christians, say we believe the world came from the supernatural, Christ came from the supernatural, and that God supernaturally holds the earth together," says Clifton in a statement. "However, ask them how often they pray for God to move mountains in their own life. Ask them if they believe the God that made and maintains every molecule on earth can empower those molecules to fight sickness or disease. Ask them if they believe the God that holds atoms together and rules over gravity can change those atoms or laws at will to care for His children."

As a main premise of the book, Clifton notes how Christians have given up on the supernatural in exchange for a more realistic view of Christianity. Because of this, they are missing on many great miracles that God wants to do through them.

The author uses the superhero-super villain metaphor to describe how God can give comic book-like powers to ordinary men.

The Christian Superhero Training Guide describes God’s past “superheroes” with a list of their powers and respective stories. It also explains how this generation, or “future superheros,” can learn from them.

On the opposite side of good, the book also identifies the five “arch-foes” that Christians have left unchecked and solutions to overcome them.

Overall, Clifton attempts to redefine the word “supernatural.”

"Maybe, we should say, instead, that it's natural for God to be super and leave it at that."