Christian Actor Stephen Baldwin Pays Off 75 Percent of $400K Tax Debt Revealed in 2013

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(Photo: The Christian Post)Actor Stephen Baldwin participates in a discussion after the screening of "Loving the Bad Man" at Prison Fellowship's Lansdowne, Va., campus, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011.

Christian actor Stephen Baldwin has finished paying off 75 percent of a $400,000 unpaid tax debt that the actor admitted he owed last March.

The brother of Alec Baldwin said last year that he did not pay his New York state taxes in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and subsequently was hit with a $400,000 bill in taxes, interest and penalties.

Baldwin paid two $100,000 installments in 2013 and another one last Friday, bringing his total balance to $300,000 paid and $100,000 outstanding to pay off the debt completely.

The actor's attorney Russell Yankwitt has said that Baldwin must finish paying off the debt by April 11 if he wants to avoid probation.

The actor, who recently starred in "I'm in Love with a Church Girl," has long been publicly open about his faith and spoke with The Christian Post last year about how becoming a Christian actually made his career more difficult.

"For me, I've never been too concerned of what people think of me, so now as the youngest Baldwin brother in Hollywood making movies while simultaneously being a charismatic evangelical born again Christian who's an evangelist-- that's a pretty crazy combination," said Baldwin. "But early on in my walk of faith I said a very personal prayer and made a commitment to God. I said if you reveal yourself to me in a way that is more thrilling and powerful and exciting than anything I've experience thus far, then I'll go anywhere and do whatever you want. And that can be very tough."

Baldwin also added that he felt that the career challenges were worth it because his relationship with God had grown through the experiences.

"I know a lot of Christians who have been in ministry and walked away from it because the pressure can be too great. And there's a lot of Christians who at the same time would say like well why does God do [certain things]. What I found is Christians regardless of whatever their experience is who trust God more and learn to go through those moments of challenge and persevere," said Baldwin.

"Usually the end result is an experience and interaction with the Holy Spirit that's greater than it was previously. And for me, there is no pursuit that I desire or enjoy more than that interaction."