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Christian Art Teacher, Jessie Goline, Had Sex With 4 Male Students Less Than a Year After Wedding

Christian Art Teacher, Jessie Goline, Had Sex With 4 Male Students Less Than a Year After Wedding

Jessie Goline, 25, and her husband Stephen, 26, in happier times. | (Photo: Facebook)

Jessie Goline, a Christian art teacher who publicly praised her husband for his purity and faith, could be sentenced to 10- to 40-years or life in prison after police say she had sex with four male students at her home in Jonesboro, Arkansas, over several months.

Goline, 25, who taught at Marked Tree High School before she was fired for her crime, was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual assault on Wednesday, according to KAIT8. Police say she had sex with four students from two separate school districts between January 2016 and April 2016.

An affidavit cited by KAIT8 said Goline initiated contact with the students by sending them text messages "which became more and more sexual in nature."

One of the students said he was in Jonesboro visiting a friend when Goline texted him her address and asked him to come to her home. He said he was dropped off by a friend and he had sex with Goline. On another occasion, the student said Goline drove him from Marked Tree to her apartment in Jonesboro and they had sex twice. He alleges that another student was also at her apartment that same night.

The student told investigators that Goline wanted them both to stay with her until the next morning but he convinced her to take them back to Marked Tree earlier.

Goline is reported to have sent another student sexually explicit text messages, including a photo of her. He said in the affidavit that Goline "texted him that she would like to have sex with him but he was too young."

Prosecuting attorney Scott Ellington told The Washington Post that Goline was discovered after one of the boys was overheard bragging about the trysts.

"Boys brag," Ellington told the publication.

Goline would later confess after news broke at that school that a parent intended to cause "bodily harm" to a teacher who was sexually involved with multiple students.

She went to the principal at Marked Tree High School crying, reportedly saying, "I'm not going to lose my husband," before making her confession.

It is unclear where Goline's husband was when the incidents took place.

An announcement in The Carroll County News said Goline, a recent University of Arkansas graduate, wed her husband, Stephen Matthew Goline, on May 23, 2015, at New Day Fellowship church in Eureka Springs.

Stephen Goline, 26, also a recent University of Arkansas graduate, is a coach at Nettleton High School, according to his Twitter page. The couple who are apparent Lutherans, have been in a relationship since Aug. 17, 2013. They got engaged in July 2014 at a Lutheran church.

About six months after Jessie Goline's last alleged tryst with her students, she thanked God for her husband on Facebook and praised his purity.

"It's Stephen's birthday! He's the sunshine in my life. He's the purest, most content, faithful, and caring person I know. Thanks be to God for giving him to me as a husband. You'll always be my best friend, babe, Happy 26th," she wrote on Nov. 4, 2016, with a smiley face and kissing emoji.

She also wrote in another Facebook post how much she enjoyed Bible study noting: "Bible study with these two is always lovely, especially when we get to sit outside, eat delicious food and wonder why James 2:24 is worded that way. #Lutheran I'm thankful for you both!"

James 2:24 says: "Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only."

Jessie Goline was booked into the Craighead County Detention Center at 1:50 p.m. on Wednesday on a $5,000 cash/surety bond awaiting an Oct. 31 appearance in circuit court according to KAIT8. She was released from custody at 3:04 p.m.


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