Christian Artist Confronts Media's Pressure on Young Girls

It's no secret that the false picture perfect images and implied standards that the media project have a harmful effect on the youth, especially young girls. Twenty-two year old Christan artist V. Rose  is tackling this issue head on with her self-titled debut album.

Taking the music world by storm with her album, this California native has been singing since the age of six. The singer says she didn’t choose Christian music, but felt as if it was chosen for her.

“When I was six years old, I remember God telling me, speaking to me when I was six, this is what it sounded like, was ‘You’re gonna be a singer. You’re gonna make an album.’”

Not wasting her gift, she constantly pursued her dream and signed with Clear Sight Media.

Asking God for a concept that would help her and other young girls, she began to write what is now her lead single “Not So Average,” which addresses embracing who you are in spite of the pressures that society gives to fit a certain mold.

“I really wanted a concept that I could relate to and that other young girls could relate to and reaching out to them with issues that are so major but that aren’t really being talked about.”

“Who made up the rules of how you got to be picture perfect? Everything? Some magazine? I mean, I’m stuck in a world where I can’t just be me,” she sings in the first verse of “Not So Average."

What is most interesting and encouraging about V. Rose  isn’t that she’s speaking out against conforming to the pressures brought about by society but that she’s saying to young girls, find your identity in God. She said the concept of “Not So Average” is about "not caring about what other people say but looking at God and asking God who am I?”