Christian Artist Makes Controversial Song About Gay Teen

Christian artist Theory Hazit has recently pushed the envelope with his latest single “Concealed Sorrow,” which depicts the story of a harassed gay teen who ultimately took his life.

From his most recent release, Modern Marvels, Theory Hazit uses the song to chronicle the daily life and struggles of Nicky, a teen facing harsh treatment from bullies due to his sexuality as well as having a distant relationship with his father.

The topic rarely touched by Christian artists was purposely made in hopes of getting the church's attention. When giving an explanation of the song, Theory Hazit said, "I wrote ‘Concealed Sorrow’ hoping that the church would listen, watch, and perform the love of Christ to all that struggle.”

The Kansas-born rapper was inspired to write the song by a true story told by Tony Campolo, who regretted bullying a gay former classmate. Roger ended his life with suicide much like the depiction of Theory Hazit’s character Nicky.

Now Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University, Dr. Campolo “regrets not befriending and showing the love of Jesus to Roger.”

Theory Hazit, who began rapping in the early nineties, has also released a music video to the song. The video, directed by Donald W. Martin Jr., presents the isolation and violence that he feels Nicky and other outcasts of society face, and the “lacking of helping hands reaching out from the Christian community.”