Christian Artists Give Advice for New Year

In preparation for a great new year, we’ve collected the heart-felt advice from some of your favorite Christian artists stretching over many genres from Contemporary Christian Music, Gospel, Rock, Hip-Hop and Worship.


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Starting things off with empowering words is worship band Planetshakers writing:

“We are now in 2012, live this year giving your everything to the Lord. Don't hold back anything from the Lord, he gave everything to us!!”

Releasing his chart topping number one album, Uncommon Me in 2011, gospel artist Isaac Carree wrote: “If WE allow God to order our steps and stay out of his way, 2012 will be the best year of OUR lives!!! Who agrees???”

Coming off of a busy Christmas season which included releasing an album and a movie entitled Heart of Christmas, Matthew West said, “New year's resolutions fail when they start w/ words like "I will..." they succeed when we ask for help. "With God's help, I will...”

Meanwhile, your favorite Christian rapper and mine, Lecrae, offered this piece of wisdom: “Everyone sees the new year as an opportunity for change. The reality is, every day is an opportunity for change. #nevertoolate”


 The Christian Post Daily Report 01.03.12