Christian Band: God's Love Is Like a 'Hurricane'

When one thinks of a hurricane, thoughts of floods, high winds, and devastation often flow through the stream of thoughts. But for Christian band Samestate, the love of God comes to mind.

New to the Sparrow Records family, Samestate – comprised of Dalton Diehl (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Darren Harms (guitar), Ryan Lytle (bass), Raymond Wyatt (guitar, synth) and Blake Leoni (drums) – are making waves with their latest single “Hurricane.”

Having had their first major label release with their self titled EP and in preparation for their full-length album The Alignment, the members of Samestate are no new comers to the music industry. They have toured extensively throughout the midwest for the past three years as independent artists.

In the midst of touring and preparing for their album, Samestate frontman Dalton Diehl took time out for a BREATHEcast interview to explain the concept behind “Hurricane” and more.

BC: How did you guys meet and form the band, and what is the meaning behind the name Samestate?

Diehl: We all met at a private university named MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, KS. Soon after, we started playing and leading worship. Then we started messing around with some of my original songs. Like they say, the rest is history! The name comes from a text message I received from a friend asking if everyone in the band was from the "samestate." So we googled it and didn’t find any other bands with that name. So we snatched it!

BC: The current single is "Hurricane." How did you guys come up with the song and can you explain the concept of the song?

Diehl: It started as a really slow ballad, and it only took me about 30 minutes to write. The song is a different take on God’s love for us. As humans we often make the mistake of paralleling our earthly relationships with our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even husbands or wives with our relationship with God. We get caught up in what we have to do to deserve love, and even beyond that, what we have to do to sustain it. The good news is that God’s love is free. We dont have to worry about God keeping a checklist of everything we’ve done wrong. Faith comes the moments when we can’t wrap our mind around that, but can still believe it.

BC: The song is a powerful statement. What words of encouragement can you offer to those who are struggling to except God's love?

Diehl: Love is much bigger than ourselves. It’s not confined to our own understanding. When we feel like there is absolutely no way God can still love us, those are the times God wants to love us the most.

BC: Do you all ever battle with accepting God's love?