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Christian Coach Dr. Dave Martin Grabs Attention of Top Church Leaders With New Release

Christian Coach Dr. Dave Martin Grabs Attention of Top Church Leaders With New Release

Author Dr. Dave Martin set out to write a book that would “encourage people to be great” but in the process he has captured the attention of some of America’s top church leaders who have much to say about the new piece of literature.

Known across the world as the number one “Christian Success Coach,” author Dr. Dave Martin presents his latest strategy for Christian success that is believed to not only help believers become achievers but uncommon achievers.

The 12 traits Of The Greats: The Twelve Undeniable Qualities of Uncommon Achievers, and How You Can Master Them in Your Life...Right Now! is Martin’s newest book that explores, what he sees as, twelve key attributes of successful people.

An author of several best selling books, he has been known to present biblical truth with practical wisdom and his latest addition is no different.

Investigating and interweaving the themes that run aside the lives of successful people, Martin explores: responsibility, mindset, passion, imagination, relationship, focus, courage, persistence, integrity, adaptability, wisdom and generosity.

“We’re just trying to encourage people that they can be great, whether its a great father, or a business person, great on the baseball field, or the field of life – just knowing that God has great plans for them, [and] that the rest of their life really can be the best of their life” said Dr. Martin.

Being a bestselling author, Martin has won the approval of many but with this book, he has some of the American church’s most influential pastors backing him, including Joel Osteen.

Click to watch Joel Osteen talk with Dr. Martin about new book

“Its a book that’ll help you to grow, to learn how you can become everything that God’s created you to be” Osteen exclaims.



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