Christian Comedienne Warns Relationship-Desperate Youth

One of the leading Christian female comics dared college students to reevaluate the priority that dating has in their life while throwing in some humor, at a recent talk this past week.

Recounting her past history as an example, Kerri Pomarolli jokingly spoke to a crowd at Malone College – a Christian liberal arts college in Canton, Ohio – about the nagging urge young adults have to date, but how that may not fit with what God has destined for them.

Instead of first seeking guidance from God, she lightheartedly expressed how college students are too worried about relationships, and how they dive into them too quickly.

"I was raised on Turner Classic Movies and Meg Ryan," explained the stand up comic, according to local news agency The Repository. "I wanted to live my life like the movies. Everything worked out for Julia Roberts in an hour-and-a-half. ... I would hold onto the boys in my life. I thought that if I have boyfriends and sit at the right lunch table, I could be something."

But after the actress had recommitted her life to God after bumping into a group of Christian British actors, she began going to church where the pastor there encouraged her to go on a "dating fast," which ended up lasting 18 months for her.

Pomarolli noted how a break from it all can allow better perspective on what God intends for people's lives.

"What happened is, God restored everything I gave up in my life," said Pomarolli in the Repository. "I became an 'out-of-the-closet' Christian. It took me 28 years to realize I didn't need a man to be complete, that I didn't need to walk down the aisle to be worthy. God said, 'You're already worthy.'"

She urged students to save themselves from "27 bad relationships" and from heartache.

"If you can get it in college and leave here with God's plan, think of what you can do," she said.

Pomarolli concluded that it is not the end of the world if a girl or boy is single. God has someone intended for everybody, and Pomarolli testified that her husband was someone God had destined for her.

Following her speech on dating, the funny girl also went on to talk about her experience as a Christian in Hollywood. She commented on the present discrimination towards Christians, but how she has not been resisted that much.

Pomarolli has had a very successful career. She has been featured on several television spots on Christian and non-Christian networks, including 26 performances on The Tonight Show. She is a board member of Breaking In Hollywood, a group that advocates positive values in the entertainment industry. She has also on inspirational magazines such as Today's Christian Women.

In addition, she has written a book titled, If I'm Waiting on God, Then What Am I Doing in a Christian Chatroom? ... Confessions of a Do-It-Yourself Single about seeking God's guidance in finding a mate.