Christian Couple Could Face Charges in Faith Healing Death of Second Child

A devout Christian couple lost their second child after they refused to take their child to a doctor and instead relied on the controversial practice of faith healing.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible, who were already on probation for the 2009 death of their other child, could be charged with additional crimes in connection with their second child's death.

Reports from Pennsylvania indicate that their second child, 8-month-old son Brandon, died last week after experiencing symptoms of diarrhea as well as undisclosed respiratory symptoms for an extended period of time. The couples other son died in 2009 from an infection related to bacterial pneumonia.

Prosecutors revealed Tuesday that more charges could be made depending on the results of an autopsy.

Mythri Jayaraman, Catherine Schaible's attorney, stated that despite the loss of their second child, they are both good parents and that the public should not rush to judgment until all the facts can be known.

"There are way more questions than answers at this point. We haven't seen the autopsy report. We don't know the cause of death of this child," Jayaraman told AP. "What we do know is Mr. and Mrs. Schaible are distraught, they are grieving, they are tremendously sad about the loss of their most recent baby."

A jury convicted the Schaibles of involuntary manslaughter in the death of their 2-year-old son, Kent. Doctors indicated that the child's symptoms included coughing, congestion, restlessness and a loss of appetite. The Schaibles were sentenced to 10 years' probation.

"You did that once, and the consequences were tragic," Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner said, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Prosecutors wanted the couple placed in jail, but since the couple's seven other children were placed in foster care, Lerner allowed them to remain out of jail.

"He feels they are a danger to their children- not to the community, but to their own children," Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore, who led the prosecution of the couple in 2010, said in a statement.