Christian Groups Applaud U.S. Resolution on World Cup Sex Trafficking

WASHINGTON – Christian social concern groups are applauding the Congressional Resolution urging Germany to combat sex trafficking during the World Cup games.

The resolution (H.Res. 860) was passed unanimously in a bipartisan effort on Wednesday to urge Germany to denounce practices that have encouraged prostitution and have as a result contributed to the exploitation of women and children.

Concerned Women for America (CWA), the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization, was quick to applaud the Resolution to combat sex trafficking.

“Congressman [Chris] Smith has been at the forefront on so many positive efforts to protect women and children; CWA applauds his leadership in bringing the sex trafficking problem at the World Cup to international attention,” said Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, CWA’s head for anti-trafficking efforts in a statement released by the Christian group.

Smith (R- NJ) is vice chairman of the House International Relations Committee and author of the legislation.

“The hearings on Capitol Hill and now this resolution point up the necessity for Germany to act quickly,” Crouse added, “to counter the situation it has created that fosters exploitation and abuse of women and children.”

Similarly, Focus on the Family’s Senior Analyst for Media and Sexuality, Daniel Weiss, also praised the passing of the Resolution.

“We applaud the effort of the U.S. Congress to take these steps towards the German government, encouraging them to stop the spread of human trafficking,” said Weiss.

“I think that the U.S. has given a strong response to this terrible development. I hope to see the U.S. continue to take strong steps for Germany or any other country that is not doing enough to stop trafficking.”

Weiss noted that Germany several years ago had legalized prostitution with the hope to end human trafficking but instead saw an increase in the country.

“Germany is virtually alone in ignoring the ramifications of their pro-prostitution policies,” said CWA’s Crouse. “Even the coaches of the competing teams recognize that international athletic events should not be used to promote such victimization of women.”

Crouse concluded, “From most reports, fans at the World Cup have got the message – real men don’t abuse women. As sex slavery has been exposed, the sex shacks and brothels have been largely shunned, and those who planned for big profits are coming up empty-handed. This is a major victory for those who care about women and children.”