Christian Hate Crime in Illinois: School Attacked for 'Homophobic' Guest

A Christian school in Illinois reported its glass entry door being smashed by bricks with hateful messages on them early Saturday morning.

The vandalism, recorded by Christian Liberty Academy’s security cameras, came on the eve of a banquet being hosted by the academy, a school run by the Church of Christian Liberty in Arlington Heights. The event, planned by Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), was designed to discuss the homosexual activist agenda, and to honor pro-family activist and author of The Pink Swastika, Dr. Scott Lively.

AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera, Church of Christian Liberty Pastor Calvin Lindstrom and the Chicago Independent Media Center received an email from the perpetrators of the attack a few hours after the incident. The email reads, “If this event is not shut down, and the homophobic day trainings do not end, the Christian Liberty Academy will continue to be under constant attack."

LaBarbera said Monday to The Christian Post he has never seen such a statement issued and its “unprecedented in this area where there have been attacks before.” He said the perpetrators have “ratcheted it up from the usual harassment that Christians usually get.”

The bricks thrown at the school’s entry door had hateful messages written on them, such as “Shut down Lively” and “Quit the homophobic s---!” Other notes threatened both the school and the church with more violence if they continued to host "homophobic" guests.

Despite the vandalism, organizers of the banquet held the event later that evening without any further serious disturbances. Lindstrom, however, noted “there were protestors,” about 30, outside repeating slanderous things against Dr. Lively during the banquet. Members Chicago-based Gay Liberation Network, or GLN, was also among the group. Lindstrom said the protestors claim they had nothing to do with the attack.

Police are investigating the incident and Lindstrom updated CP on Monday that the church has “not heard from the police at this point, [but] Dr. Lively believes this should be pursued as a hate crime.” The senior pastor said he’s not in favor of the “hate crime mentality,” but rather is waiting to see how things play out with the police.

LaBarbera noted there have always been protestors when the church held AFTAH events, but they have “really demonized Scott Lively. It looks like they are creating a climate of hate against Christians.”

The AFTAH president agreed with Lindstrom saying he wasn’t a fan of hate crimes, but “this would qualify. I hope it’s not just dismissed as vandals.” He said the church and organizers of the event are asking to get the same treatment if it were the other way around, with an attack on a homosexual event.

In the past, the Christian Liberty Academy hosted several events for Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, including last year’s Truth Academy, which drew protests from the GLN.