Christian Organization 'Restore America' Works to Increase Evangelical Voting

Restore America has recruited Trinet Internet Solutions to help initiate an online strategy to increase evangelical votes by three million in the 2012 elections.

Restore America is a Christian organization founded in 1999, aimed at encouraging Christians to vote in every election. They believe that if more evangelical Christians are present at voting polls, America will be restored to its foundational Christian ideals and principles.

In order to increase voting numbers of evangelicals from the 2008 elections, they have partnered with Trinet Internet Solutions, Incorporated to come up with a comprehensive online strategy to achieve this goal.

David Crowe, the director of Restore America, stated that this is a huge undertaking.

“We need to make sure that we went with an accomplished and reputable team to help make this happen,” Crowe said in a press release.

Founded in 1995, Trinet Internet Solutions is a full service web-design firm. They are an award-winning agency with hundreds of clients. Their client list includes Coca-Cola, California Bank and Trust, IMAX, Rock Moto, and Whole Foods Markets.

Trinet Internet Solutions CEO and President, John Carley, says that they are excited to be a part of Restore America’s campaign to reach three million additional evangelical voters.

According to Melissa Wong, spokesperson for Trinet Solutions, Trinet is working behind the scenes to help plan and come up with strategies to meet the goal.“We’re helping them with their web-based campaign to optimize the site and increase exposure through email campaigns and social media,” Wong said.

Restore America calls the campaign “The America 2012 Project: Restoring the Nation Under God.”

According to their website, only about 32 million evangelical Christians voted in the 2008 general elections. They feel it is crucial to increase that number in order to preserve the Judeo-Christian values America was built upon.

They hope to increase that number to 35,276,868 of the 58,794,781 evangelicals who are eligible to vote, which would be about 60 percent of that population.

According to Wong, the project is in its beginning stages and will intensify as the election year approaches.

“Currently we are identifying target audiences and we want to increase web traffic through online advertising and viral content,” Wong added.

Trinet will help Restore America to combine offline and online efforts to keep the “Under God” phrase in politics. Therefore, not just evangelical Christians will be targeted: anyone who agrees with the statement will be targeted.

“We will try to reach all churches and ministry groups,” Wong said.

Restore America’s ultimate goal is to achieve 100 percent voter registration and turnout in every election.