Christian Rapper, Gospel Star Bring God's Love to 'Black Girls Rock' Celebration

(Photo: RCA Inspiration)New Orleans born rapper Dee-1 recently released 3's Up EP.

Christian rapper Dee-1 and gospel star Tasha Cobbs Leonard took the opportunity to spread the love of God at this year's "Black Girls Rock!" celebration.

"Black Girls Rock!" is an annual award show that honors women of color in various industries, including entertainment, medicine, business, education and entrepreneurship. The award show was created by veteran DJ and model Beverly Bond as a platform to honor black women when other organizations may not do so.

On Tuesday, BET aired the show which took place at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey, on August 5 with the theme "Black Love Is Revolutionary." However, Dee-1 chose to record a video package for the show to remind people about the importance of God's love.

"Number one, you have to love God above all. God loves you more than you can ever love yourself," the "Sallie Mae Back" rapper said in a video that aired during the award show. "With that being said, when you have a true love and appreciation for God ... when you embrace that, it's going to make you feel so much better about yourself."

The rapper, whose real name is David Augustine, revealed how young girls can improve their self esteem by loving God, which will in turn help them when dating.

"When you love God above everyone else it's going to make it to where any man that you ever encounter, you're not going to feel a need to look to him for validation. You're [going to be] like, 'I've already been stamped, I'm already a queen,'" he said. " ... Of course it feels good to get validation from another human being and know that someone else wants you. But when you know you've already been created on purpose and for a purpose then I think that will help you for the rest of your life."

Aside from Dee-1, Cobbs Leonard also appeared on a portion of the program where she led praise and worship in order to showcase God's love. During the award show, Cobbs Leonard performed her upcoming song "I'm Getting Ready" from her new album Heart. Passion. Pursuit.

The singer took to Instagram to speak about the amazing time she had sharing the love of God.

"What an amazing opportunity to share the Love of Jesus!!! Thank you @blackgirlsrock...," she wrote. "The total experience was amazing!! The song is entitled 'I'm Getting Ready' written by one of my Favorite Worship Leaders Todd Galberth @tgalberth."

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