Christian Rapper Releases Hurricane Sandy Song to Benefit Storm Victims (VIDEO)

Christian hip-hop artist and hurricane Sandy survivor Vinny Jett released a benefit video and song to raise money for the victims of the storm called "Hurricane Sandy, The Homewrecker."

The video, shot in Jett's neighborhood of New Dorp Beach, Staten Island, N.Y., shows the lyricist walking through the streets of destroyed homes and ruined businesses.

Jett told The Christian Post that President Barack Obama visited the exact block the filming took place on, Cedar Grove Ave. Despite his good intentions, Jett said he faced some opposition when he began shooting the video.

"The locals were a bit skeptical at first, but once I explained what I was doing and showed them the song and some of the footage they became really supportive," he said.

"The idea came from my experience and a prompting from the Lord," he explained. "I normally write records about life and this storm rocked my family and the neighborhood I lived in. This was a perfect way to tell people our story from a different perspective than [the media]."

Unfortunately, he says that many of those homes are still uninhabitable and are being knocked down.

"My street basically turned into a river ... My brother, who lives just a few blocks away had five feet of water in his kitchen. They barely escaped before the surge reached their house," Jett said.

While his family experienced some of the worst of the storm, his own home experienced flooding and his car was totaled. However, his home was able to withstand the major force of the storm.

An artist for almost 10 years already, Jett finds this song as his most meaningful and hopes "Sandy, The Homewrecker" helps create more funding, because parts of the East Coast were hit badly by the storm.

"People are still suffering and its been 6 months. Those who watch the video will have the opportunity to donate to help the victims who are still displaced from their homes. I hope the video gets a lot of exposure for that reason alone," he said.

"I hope it touches them," he added. "When you know somebody went through what you went through, and that they care about your hardship, it defintely helps."

There have been many events set up for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and Jett has been asked to perform at several shows. All donations can be sent here.

"God designed us to edify and encourage others and I think this record does that," the rapper said.

Download the song "Sandy, The Homewrecker" here.