Christian Rock Group Third Day to Perform on Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Third Day, the highly acclaimed rock band successful in both the Christian and secular musical genres, is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Friday evening. They will be performing the song "Hit Me Like A Bomb" from their new album, "Miracle." The album will be available in stores on Nov. 6.

The multi-platinum-selling band has played to millions of fans in sold-out arenas around the world. It's garnered 25 No. 1 singles across multiple formats, including multiple Grammy and Dove Awards.

Lead singer and founder of the group, Mac Powell, created a stir among Third Day fans recently when he temporarily broke ranks to go on tour to promote his first solo album and venture into country music.

Powell has said he grew up on country music and made the decision to take the leap of faith over a year ago after much encouragement from family, friends and fans. The band has rejoined Powell for its "Miracle" tour and is schedule to play in Atlanta the day after its appearance on Leno. The band has made appearances on The Tonight Show in previous years.

In a recent interview posted on the group's website, the lead singer told the background story of the song, "I Need a Miracle."

"So, really the basis of the song came from talking to several people through the years of how they heard our music on the radio – whether it was 'Revelation' or 'Cry Out to Jesus' or one of a number of songs," Powell said. "Specifically, there was one a few months ago. This older couple had come up to us at a show right after we played and shared a story of how their son had been at a really down place in life and he was struggling with some addictions and struggled with depression. He decided to drive his car off just far away, deep into the woods and be by himself."

The man had intentions of ending his life and during his grief he decided he wanted to listen to the radio in order to have some music to comfort him.

"'Cry Out to Jesus' was on the radio and so he literally did that," Powell explained. "He cried out to Jesus and prayed. This couple shared with us how their son's live has drastically changed. In fact, he wasn't at the concert because he was on a mission trip. It just goes to show the power of music and the power of the relationship we have together as radio and as a band of how we can help to change people's lives and encourage people."

The new album is the result of a need for the band to "shake things up," according to the band as stated on its website.

The band hired legendary producer Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, The Fray, Train) as they prepared to write and record "Miracle," the group's 16th album.

"Musically, there are sounds that have never been on a Third Day album including layered guitars, layered harmonies, and sing-a-long gang vocals. Music styles range from pulsating rock to acoustic pop-rock, yet the classic Third Day sound everyone loves is still there but refreshed and rejuvenated. Lyrically, the themes are relevant for our culture today. Songs about pressing on in difficult times (Your Love Is Like A River, I Need A Miracle), praying for change (Hit Me Like A Bomb, Believe In Something), and hope for better times (The Victory, Take Me Back)," according to a description of the album on the group's website.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is broadcast on TV at NBC beginning at 10:35 CT/11:35 ET weeknights.