Christian Singer Brooke Fraser Nominated For 'New Zealander of the Year'

Christian singer Brooke Fraser has been nominated for the “New Zealander of the Year” award, which acknowledges the nation's most talented and inspiring artists.

Fraser, who is currently wrapping up her European tour, has had a successful year after gaining international recognition for her latest single "something in the water".

The young humanitarian aid worker recently won a number of Vodafone NZ Music Awards including, Highest Selling NZ Album, Highest Selling NZ Single, Best Pop Album and People's Choice Award.

Fraser's nomination comes at no surprise to fans, who have responded to her third album, Flags, exceptionally well.

“Something in the Water” has reached No. 2 on the Dutch airplay chart - having been in top five for six weeks - and has climbed to No. 15 on Polish radio and No. 23 on Belgium radio," Fraser's blog states.

Although her music generally falls under the 'pop' category, Fraser has received widespread applause from Christian groups, particularly for her second album Albertine.

David Goodman of, gave the album an exceptional review particularly praising Fraser's writing capabilities.

"Brooke Fraser is a masterful songwriter, whether in worship, or the longings of the heart, or sharing her life and times. Albertine is one of the most brilliantly expressive and musically well-crafted albums of its kind," he wrote.

Others have commended Fraser's ability to blend pop and Christianity, but the singer has always insisted she does not like being referred to as a Christian artist.

Although Fraser has always proudly acknowledged her Christian faith, she says the industry has become filled with dishonest musicians who exploit the faith for financial gain, according to

In an interview with MarT she explains that she is, "pretty disturbed by what CCM has become - the merchandising of the Gospel. There are those who are actually abusing the name of Jesus."

Fraser does not allow the negativity to affect her music, and says she accepts herself almost as a religious teacher who is able to preach the word of God through song.

"I recognize the importance of my other songs as being like parables...taking Church to people who would never walk into a church," Fraser said.

The winner of the “New Zealander of The Year” award will be announced Friday.