Christian Twins and Friend Sing This Worship Song So Beautifully, It Will Give You Chills (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: lilcdawg/YouTube)

Like many a YouTube sensation, identical twins Janice and Sonia Lee started off in 2008 with a humble video of them singing in a bedroom. The acoustic guitar, played by Sonia, nearly overpowers their vocals, but you can tell the sisters have talent.

Today, the 27-year-old twins go by Jayesslee, pronounced Jay-ess-lee to combine their first initials with their surname, play shows around the world and have nearly 1.7 million subscribers to their YouTube channel. Their cover of "Gangnam Style" by Korean pop artist PSY has been viewed 37 million times.

How did they get here? With dozens of videos like this one, where the Korean-Australian sisters sing in angelic harmony. The pair, born and raised in Sydney, are outspoken Christians, and many of their videos cover worship songs.

Jayesslee got their start after they were separated for four months when Janice went on mission trip to Cambodia. In 2011, they quit school and jobs to commit their music. Their father, who encouraged them to go into professional fields, opposed this at first, but he changed his tune when the twins hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Now he's in full support of their creative careers.

Despite approaches from major labels, the Lee sisters have stayed independent for now to maintain creative control. In 2012, they released a 4-track debut EP, Studio Sessions, which includes one original song.

With millions of fans behind them, the future of Jayesslee is unknown but supernova bright. However, Janice and Sonia Lee have no doubts about their mission: to spread the Good News of the Gospel. Their website says so:

"Their ultimate goal and motivation behind every video is to share about the hope they have found in knowing Jesus. The two are not shy in expressing their faith and indicate they would not be doing what they do if it weren't for His grace and providence. All the glory to Him."

Watch Jayesslee perform "There is None Like You," written by Lenny LeBlanc, with fellow YouTube artist Cathy Nguyen, and SHARE this beautiful moment of worship!