Christian Video Site Revived by 'Popular Demand', the Christian video-sharing site that reached 2.7 million users monthly before turning over to a new URL, reopened recently due to user demand.

The site had officially closed in 2009 after changing its name to and redirecting users to the new site. originally launched to expand's user base from a faith-based community into the broader family-friendly market. Since its launch, however, has developed into a social networking site, allowing GodTube to be reborn as a site that focuses on video sharing.

Within a few weeks of reopening, has reportedly draw in 400,000 unique visitors.

"There is a great amount of brand loyalty to from the visitors to the site," says Trey Bowles, CEO of Big Jump Media, parent company of both and

Bowles says his company has learned to better serve the Christian community since GodTube's launch in 2007, when the site was originally marketed as the evangelical Christian version of YouTube.

The internet strategist says the new site will give families an alternative to unfiltered video content on the web.

Presently, videos are filtered before appearing in one of seven categories on the site: Christian, comedy, cute, inspiration, music, news and sports. The site developers plan to create a flagging system for users to mark inappropriate videos as another precaution against harmful content.

According to the company, the site's burst in growth reflects the excitement within the online Christian community.

"We will continue to focus on providing tools and distribution opportunities that will unite the body of Christ online," concludes Bowles.