Christian Worker Finds $36,000 on Golf Course, Turns It Over to Police

A Christian employee at a Florida golf venue found $36,000 cash at the facility, but rather than keep it for herself she turned it in to the police.

Rachel Castillo, a drinks server at the Miami Beach Golf Club, found the large sum of money on the golf course back in January when customers alerted her to a bag that had been left unattended.

Castillo proceeded to turn the money over to the police and recently the authorities were able to track down the 76-year-old man who had lost the bag with cash in the first place.

Castillo, whose monetary find was reportedly nearly equal to her annual salary, told local media that keeping the money would have been against their religious convictions.

"I'm a Christian, and the Bible says, 'Do not steal, do not lie,' you know, all these things, and if you do what's right, if you live the right way, you'll be taken care of. I believe I'll be taken care of," said Castillo to WSVN 7 News.

Jim Nourse, director of food beverage at the Miami Beach Golf Club, told The Christian Post in an interview that his coworker's actions were "absolutely marvelous."

Nourse also said that Castillo "always" works as an employee who lives her Christian faith and acts upon it.

According to Nourse, since the cash was turned in he believes "that they found the person … in a nursing home," the address in his bag having been outdated information.

Authorities believe that the elderly individual might have a medical condition, which may explain his move to an assisted living home.

As reported by WSVN, Sgt. Bobby Hernandez of the Miami Beach Police Department commended Castillo for her actions.

"He might have a medical condition. That's undetermined. We are in touch with the family members getting more information, but we have identified that money as his through different transactions that he made," said Hernandez.

"But it's nice that there's people out there ... $36,000 is what a lot of people make a year."