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Christian Youth Group in US Aims to Reach 1.5 Billion Teens Globally, Changes Name to 'Teen Mania International'

Christian Youth Group in US Aims to Reach 1.5 Billion Teens Globally, Changes Name to 'Teen Mania International'

Teen Mania Ministries, one of the largest Christian youth organizations in the United States, plans to expand their North American youth ministry to focus on international outreach efforts in hope of reaching 1.5 billion teens. The organization will also change their name to "Teen Mania International" to reflect their broader efforts and will move their headquarters from Garden City, Texas to Dallas by the end of 2014.

Known for its "Acquire the Fire" events where thousands of teenagers commit to stand up for their Christian beliefs and reject the influences of pop culture, Teen Mania will continue their work in the U.S. while aiming to influence teens worldwide to embrace Christ.

"As I traveled over the past several years, one question resonates with ministry leaders worldwide. I hear pleas of ministers saying things like, 'Our teens watch your media and listen to your music from America. They are more like American teens than our own culture. Can you help us reach them? Can you do a youth event here in our country?," said Ron Luce, president of Teen Mania, in a statement.  

He added, "Similar questions pour forth through mail, various ministry relationships and on every ministry trip abroad. This has given us much to pray about as we seek to hear the Lord's wisdom, grow the Kingdom and endeavor to impact a generation around the world."

"Our new home and name reflect a refined ministry strategy to achieve what has always been our mission, to provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ," said Luce. "In Dallas, we are better positioned to leverage technology, transportation, and creative synergy with other ministry and professional partners to achieve our mission."

Teen Mania's global expansion and physical move also coincides with the newly formed relationship between their Honor Academy, a year-long internship program for high school students and The King's University, based in South Lake, Texas.

"The numbers are staggering when you consider how many students and young adults have been impacted by Teen Mania, Acquire the Fire, Global Expeditions, and the Honor Academy," said Dr. Steve Riggle, President of The King's University.

He added, "The King's University is honored to come alongside Teen Mania and offer those who choose to pursue their education and ministry training through the Honor Academy a fully-accredited degree program with academic excellence."

Teen Mania was founded by Luce and his wife Katie after they returned to the U.S. from a six month missions trip in 1985. They pursued God's calling to reach American teenagers and equip them to make a difference in the world by preaching the gospel.

Since then, the organization has influenced millions of young adults to pursue Jesus through four programs that are in addition to Acquire the Fire and The Honor Academy. Those programs include Global Expeditions Mission Trips, The Center for Creative Media, Extreme Camps and School of Worship. The ministry has also sent over 70,000 teenage missionaries to 50 nations


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