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Christianity News: New Report Says Christians Are Disappearing from All Over the World

Christianity News: New Report Says Christians Are Disappearing from All Over the World

Displaced Iraq Christians who fled from Islamic State militants in Mosul, pray at a school acting as a refugee camp in Erbil September 6, 2014. | REUTERS / Ahmed Jadallah

As war, violence, phenomenal disasters, and discrimination among the Christian people continue to increase around the world, a new report states that Christians may be removed entirely from the world in the coming years.

According to the newly released report from the U.K. Catholic organization, Aid to the Church in Need called "Persecuted or Forgotten?" the decline of Christianity in all regions of the world is becoming more and more apparent, particularly in the Middle East.

"Christians are fast disappearing from entire regions — most notable a huge chunk of the Middle East but also whole dioceses in Africa," the report says.

Aside from the fact that the Middle East is facing too many national issues, including the war and bloodshed caused by the clashes between terror groups and the U.S.-led coalition, the report adds that one of the key factors affecting the said decline is "the product of an ethnic cleansing motivated by religious hatred."

As Islamic extremists continue to batter Christians, most especially those in Iraq and Syria, Christians are either leaving their countries or denouncing their faith, out of fear for their dear lives.

A striking statement on the report has obtained the attention of many Christians as it says the world might not see any Christian in Iraq in a matter of five years. The report also gives a detailed account of how China and North Korea have placed Christians in so much religious pressure.

As a response to the growing situation, British Prime Minister David Cameron introduced the disturbing report to the House of Lords, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

In a letter, Cameron urged the House to lend a hand in the cause of fighting "for a world where no one is persecuted because of what they believe." He noted that fear should not be the foundation of a believer and it is the reason why his government is committed to a world that tolerates one's religious beliefs.

Read the entire report here.


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