Christians and Illegal Immigrants

Recently I have heard so many comments f rom people about how illegal immigrants break the law for being here with no papers. I have no problem with this stance because in fact these people are breaking the law. And they are basically placing their needs above the needs of other people and do not recognize a “higher power” in this respect. However, I do have a problem with a group of people who say that they do recognize a higher power, the God of the Bible. I have heard many Christians say: “Jesus would also be against illegal immigrants because they are law breakers.”

It makes me mad to hear these kinds of comments when they come f rom “Christians.” Jesus’ message was to help the ones in need: “if you do it to one of the least of these, you do it unto me.” How can these people believe that our human law is as perfect as God’s law when even God Himself allowed His own law to be broken many times, but why? Because the God of the Bible is a God of justice AND a God of mercy. Countless times (according to the Bible) He put mercy before His own law. For that reason David was not killed when he and his man entered the temple and ate the holy bread. According with the Law, he should have been killed but God knew that David was driven by need and He forgave him. And Jesus himself is the perfect example of God favoring mercy over justice by sending His only Son to pay sin’s price for us. But there was a group of people in Jesus’ time similar to many Christians in our time. They were called the Pharisees and they believed that their man-made law was as perfect as God’s law. Jesus broke the law, according to them, by working on Saturday. Why did he dare to do that? Because he was healing somebody; yet still, the Pharisees said he was a sinner for breaking their law.

It’s so amazing how things have not changed much since Jesus ascended to heaven. Christians in the U.S. are now using the same attitude with all those “heathens” who dare to work in the U.S. with no papers with only the meager excuse of sending money back to their families to “survive.” It’s undeniable that the United States (as a country) has the right to defend their borders, especially in times of war like now. And illegal infiltration into the country is a real security problem that must be solved very soon. But those who prove no threat to this country and have labored here in the U.S. for many years are a completely different story altogether.

The real crime would be to criminalize these people who are only here to survive as well as those who dare to help them. I do not like Hilary Clinton but she had a point when she said that: “if the Sensenbrenner (HR 4437) proposal passes in the senate, Jesus himself would be considered a criminal for having mercy on somebody with no papers.” This law contradicts all the Godly principles on which the United States of America has been founded, and if Christians support it they are truly ignorant of the fundamental bases of Christianity, which is to love your neighbor as yourself.Alejandro Escobar Fort Collins, CO