Christians Launch 'OneCry,' Seek Answers in Jesus

A U.S.-based ministry launched a campaign Friday, seeking to unify Christians and encourage them to cry out to God for a national spiritual awakening.

Life Action Ministries in Buchanan, Mich., says that their effort, called OneCry, does not have any other agenda than to bring people together whose single purpose is to seek answers to today's problems by first praying to Jesus.

OneCry marketing team leader Matt Chambers told The Christian Post Thursday that the group's leaders feel that the time for Christians to come together for a revival is at a critical stage.

"Basically, OneCry is a movement of people simply asking God for a visitation of His presence," Chambers said. "From watching really frustrating things happen in the Church, in the culture, we see this sort of disintegration taking place."

"We view this as a sort of an emergency situation. That something has to be done," he explained.

OneCry creative team leader Aaron Paulus said in a recent audio-taped discussion with other leaders that the campaign is not a typical program or organization.

"It doesn't have a sub-agenda other than for people everywhere and every place who say that we believe that Jesus is the answer, to make him the focus of our lives, to literally have one focus in one direction towards God with one hope for His moving with power and His presence in our lives," Paulus said.

OneCry is about taking "advantage of what the Scripture tells us – that when we have one cry towards God, God delights to move in unique ways in response to that focused prayer."

Chambers made it clear that "there aren't any strings attached. This isn't a gimmick."

"It's not tied to any political ideology, Christian denomination, or public personality. We don't want people to search for answers in anything or anyone but Jesus," he said. "We believe extraordinary things can happen when people turn from sin and seek God together."

He explained that his group "really doesn't have an end game or exit strategy." Through the use of OneCry's Internet and social media sites, the movement will evolve by adding the stories of those participating in prayer and repentance.

"What we are doing with OneCry is gathering as many people as possible to join together to step out of looking for answers in politics or other places," he stated. "This is about turning away from sins, or major distractions, ourselves ... and doing it as a group and seeing what God does as a result of that."

Chambers went on further to explain, "Historically those events have been termed 'awakenings' or 'revivals,' and all of them have been preceded by repentance, prayer, and unity."

Life Action Ministries Executive Director Byron Paulus wrote in his blog published Wednesday that much is at stake when it comes to Christian revival.

Paulus asked, "With so many reasons purported for resisting revival, is it possible that in the process we have unwittingly mothballed something that God intends for His people, and to advance His kingdom? Have we too quickly discounted or undermined the potential of divine visitations because we have been sidetracked by misconceptions or doubts?"

"My prayer is that Christians in America don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! Revival is not strictly Old Testament," he continued. "The sovereignty of God does not negate means of grace. Revival is not just something from the past. Revival is not impossible in the 'last days.' In fact, in these final days, there is biblical reason to believe it will be a great season of revival as God enthusiastically makes ready His bride for His Son whom He deeply loves and cherishes (Rev. 19:7)."

At press time, the group's website was simply a homepage with its logo and subhead reading, "OneCry – A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening." The website is planned for launch at noon EST Friday.