Christians Should Seek to be 'Change Agent,' Modern-Day Moses, Says Author

Christians and churches are busying themselves condemning gay marriage, corrupt politicians, and legalized abortion when they should instead seek to change the hearts of Americans first rather than just their behavior, says author Os Hillman.

In his new book, Change Agent: Engaging Your Passion to Be the One Who Makes a Difference, Hillman points out that the Christian message today has been shut out because of the way we deliver it, not because the message itself is wrong.

Hillman, who is president of Marketplace Leaders, maintains that Christians today must be “change agents,” which is a person who is a positive catalyst of influence and solves mankind’s problems. He said he wrote Change Agent because of the fast pace our nation’s culture has become corrupt and embraces moral relativism.

"Jesus solved people’s problems, which resulted in greater influence in people’s lives. People followed him because of his example," said Hillman to The Christian Post.

“Jesus modeled love and mercy and sought to change the hearts of people before He expected to see change in their behavior,” Hillman noted. “Few people are attracted to Christ through a boycott.”

His book explains that it should not be a goal for Christians to try and achieve dominion in culture. Rather, it is the “fruit of our obedience that will influence culture.”

“Christianity has become a sub-culture that is more known by what we don't like than what we believe. In the eyes of the secular world we have become a right wing political action group instead of a loving, caring witness for our Lord Jesus Christ,” he said.

Biblical examples of change agents include David, Daniel, Esther, and Moses, while modern-day change agents that inspired a shift in society include William Wilberforce, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Blake Mycoskie, said Hillman.

“We need to start solving problems in our culture as Jesus did,” he said. “The more liberal and ungodly the change agent is at the top, the more liberal and ungodly the culture is. But when the Gospel of the kingdom comes into a life and community, everything in its wake is impacted.”

“If there were ever a time we needed a Nehemiah ‘change agent’ in our land to rebuild our walls with a solid foundation, it is now. Christians can tip the scales the other way."


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