Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook in $140,000 Divorce Battle

Christie Brinkley and David Cook's divorce has continued to descend into a nasty battle.

Brinkley has accused Cook of electronically harassing her, sending emails and text messages that directly violate the terms of their agreement. Cook has retaliated, claiming that it is Brinkley who has violated the divorce clause banning "aggressive communication."

Brinkley is demanding $140,000 from Cook for the 28 times that he has harassed her. Their divorce began in 2008, and the couple has yet to officially call a cease-fire in their relationship. "Peter keeps trying to control Christie, and he can't deal with the fact that he can't control her," a source close to Brinkley told The Daily News.

Cook is asking for "more than $200,000 in fines against her," said his lawyer James Winkler. "Peter is defending himself, and she doesn't like that," he added. "Ms. Brinkley thinks that the settlement only gave her rights and didn't give Peter rights."

"This is not about the money," Brinkley's lawyer Tom Campagna told The Daily News. "This is about what we're calling bullying."

In a statement issued yesterday, Winkler noted: "This is the work of a second-rate celebrity starved for attention."

"Christie quietly filed four months ago, to stop the intimidation and ongoing smear campaign she's been subjected to since her divorce," said Brinkley's rep Matthew Hiltzik. "This is about Christie seeking peace of mind and being left alone so she can focus on taking care of her children and her family."

The decision to separate came in 2008 as Cook was seen dating another woman while still married to Brinkley. Cook later admitted in court that he had had an affair with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi and had paid her $300,000 to prevent a lawsuit.

Brinkley, however, does not necessarily need the money that Cook claims she is seeking. According to The Daily Mail, Brinkley is currently worth $80 million as a result of real estate holdings in the Hamptons; she was named the third richest model in the world just last month.