Christie Brinkley 'Parks And Rec' Debut Surprises Fans

Supermodel Christie Brinkley appeared on NBC's hit comedy series "Parks and Recreation" this week.

The episode aired Thursday and featured Brinkley portraying the beautiful wife of "Parks and Rec" character Jerry Gergich.

While Jerry is quite a bumbler professionally, the office underdog appears to have a loving and impressive home life.

Portraying Gayle Gergich marked Brinkley's limited appearances on television. At age 58, the former Victoria's Secret model shines during a Christmas party at the Gergich's home.

On Twitter, "Parks and Rec" fans sounded off about Jerry's surprising wife.

"Awww," wrote Katie. "Christie Brinkley as Jerry's wife!"

"I'm not sure Christie Brinkley has a lot of comic range," started Linda. "But.. she kinda worked there. #parksandrec"

Timika posted, "When I was a little girl I thought Christie Brinkley was Malibu Barbie."

Brinkley has made cameos on the past on television series such as "Mad About You" and "The Cosby Show" in addition to hosting "Celebrity Wedding InStyle" and starring on her own television series "Living in the '90s With Christie Brinkley."

Meanwhile, Chicago native actor Jim O'Heir plays Jerry on the show.

"Jim is a very likable actor, so it's endlessly fun to take a completely inoffensive person and turn them into an object of complete and utter ridicule," Mike Schur, executive producer of "Parks and Rec," told Entertainment Weekly.

"More than any other kind of joke, we've had to take 'Jerry is a moron' jokes out of our scripts because it's just too easy to write them," Schur continued. "If we allowed every Jerry joke we've ever written to be in the script, the show would be called 'Screw You, Jerry.'"

In the lead role on "Parks and Rec" is "SNL" famer Amy Poehler, who portrays Leslie Knope, a quirky, mid-level politician in Pawnee, a fictional town in Indiana.

"Parks and Rec" airs Thursdays on NBC at 9:30 p.m. EST.