Christina Milian Blasts Ex-Husband 'The Dream' for Being Absent Father

Christina Milian recently opened up about the challenges that she faces being a single mother and blasted her ex-husband for not being an active father for their 2-year-old daughter.

Milian and Terius Youngdell "The Dream" Nash separated on July 12, 2010, less than one year after they got married, and the 30-year-old singer suggests that while he is paying child support for their daughter Violet Madison Nash, he does not spend time with her, according to Houston's 97.9′s radio host JJ.

"I really would like for her to have a father in her life. I've come to the realization that I have to be a 150 – 200 percent mom for her. It's not about finances. No, it's about spending time," a frustrated Milian told JJ.

"I'm not one of those parents or mothers who say, 'oh you can't spend time,' or be that way with a baby daddy and try to withhold their children and use that against them. I'm just going to leave it at: my daughter is a great kid and she has a lot of love around her and some day she is going to have a man in her life that loves her the way I do," she added.

Milian reportedly dumped The Dream after reports of an affair began swirling following the birth of Violet.

Intimate photographs of The Dream, 34, and his assistant surfaced online which reportedly prompted Milian to leave. The pair were said to be on vacation and their body language led many to believe that they were engaged in an extramarital affair.

Although the actress has not been romantically linked to anyone serious since announcing her separating from The Dream, she suggested that her next partner would be the father to her daughter that The Dream has not been.

"I remember what it was like as a child being raised by my dad and it meant something to me. And he and I actually had an off time when I was a teenager because he had left us for a while but he came back and he's back in my life and I'm so thankful because he meant a lot to me," she said.

"So, I just would like that for [Violet]. But she'll have that. And she'll have that in somebody that will care and love her," she explained adding "She's so easy to love, that's the most amazing thing about her [and] I couldn't go a day without seeing her."