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Christmas 2017: Best Gifts Ideas for Husbands and Wives

Christmas 2017: Best Gifts Ideas for Husbands and Wives

A sales assistant works in a Christmas hat at Macy's Herald Square in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., December 22, 2016. | REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Christmas is just around the corner and to gift givers, there is no better time than now to start conceptualizing ideas to avoid the hassle.

For married couples, choosing the best gift could be tricky. Husbands will do best to stick to simple items which can be useful to their partners. For tired moms, there is no substitute for a good massage or a long nap. Partners can either go wild and splurge a bit for the occasion or stick to the budget.

If one has money to spare, a massaging bed rest is an indulgent gift, and women will love the idea of staying in bed while getting a relaxing rubdown. There are those that sell for $149 a piece. The item even has a built-in cup holder and pockets to hold their favorite books and magazines.

A foot massager is also a decent gift idea. It is not as expensive as the bed rest, as some companies sell it for about $50. After a day of hard work, ladies just want to rest their feet. A luxurious massaging foot warmer is going to be a good stress reliever after wearing heels all day.

For those who like to de-stress via a nice hot bath, bath bombs will be a welcome gift. These fragrant balls are made of bath salts that will help the body relax. There also a lot of colors and scents to choose from. Some of these bath bombs are available in sets or sold at less than $10 dollars a piece.

Meanwhile, techy husbands will appreciate a headset that is Bluetooth-compatible to different apps. Other possible gift ideas for a gadget-crazy partner may be a smartphone projector or a smartphone sanitizer. An automated floss dispenser is another item that men might overlook. For wives who are after cheap but fun gifts, a smartphone mini lounge chair is being sold for $12. It is sizable enough to fit most phones and even has a little hole for charging.

For golfing enthusiasts, a drink dispenser that can fit in most golf bags is a novel idea. They are sold for about $32 apiece. Other unique gift items are a vintage AM radio, a barbecue grill light, and a rapid drink chiller, among others.


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