Christmas 2017 News: Authorities Issue Tips on How to Shop Safely This Season

REUTERS/Kevin CoombsPeople wearing Christmas hats look in a shop window on Fifth Avenue during a busy shopping day in Manhattan, New York City, U.S. December 17, 2016.

The Christmas shopping season has finally kicked off, and authorities have issued tips to consumers on how to safeguard themselves while doing the so-called retail therapy.

Shopping for the holidays officially kicked off with the Black Friday sale that happened last week. While many have already scored the items they will be wrapping for Christmas during the big sale, it is only the beginning of shopping for the holiday season.

While shopping for the holidays can be expensive, fun, and taxing, it is also an opportunity for some people to be a target of theft. With this, authorities have issued some tips on how shoppers can do about their retail therapy without losing money and other valuables.

When shopping in the stores, people are advised to ensure that they have locked their cars. After all, leaving the car unlocked is one of the most common holiday shopping mistakes as people tend to rush or get distracted, forgetting to ensure that their cars are locked.

Apart from making sure that they have locked their cars, shoppers are also advised to park smartly, and for the authorities, parking at a well-lit area where there is a lot of foot traffic is one of the best ways to avert theft.

Shoppers are also encouraged not to carry too many bags at once to their cars as they will be an easy target for robbers who may just be lurking around. Taking several trips to the car from the store and not forgetting to lock the car's door when returning to the store to pick the other bags are the preferred way of bringing home the items a person has purchased.

On the other hand, some people may not find themselves queing at the physical stores when doing their Christmas shopping this year as they prefer to shop online. While it is true that more and more people shop from online stores, this does not mean that they are safer than those who do the traditional way of purchasing items. For one thing, online shopping can be a way for a person's money and personal information getting stolen.

With this, online shoppers are advised to make sure that they are dealing with a legitimate online seller, rely on secure payment systems such as PayPal, and ensure that a payment website begins with "https://" as the "s" is an indication that a page is secure.