Christmas Charities 2010

For those who wish to give gifts outside their social sphere, there are some notable and unique charities that bring the gift of Christmas to those who otherwise wouldn't have received it.

Angle Tree

Angel Tree allows us the opportunity to give a gift to a child from a parent in prison. It is a great way to remind their children that their parents love them regardless of their choices. The idea is simple: send a gift or a donation and that will be sent to a child under the name of a parent in prison who wishes to send a Christmas gift to his/her child but has no means to do so.

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Holiday Project

For the Holiday Project, gifts are optional; it generally requires one important thing – time. The charity provides visits to residents of hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, and long term care facilities, on Christmas who would have otherwise spent Christmas alone. Each year 1.5 million Americans spend their holidays confined to nursing homes; over two-thirds have no living relatives and with an array of volunteers many of them spend the holiday in a warm and cheerful environment.

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World Vision

World Vision provides us with the opportunity to sponsor a child or give a child an education, a few chickens, a goat, and a lot more basic necessities. The charity goes on all year round. Children can be sponsored through a financial commitment once a month. If that is hard to commit to, the nonprofit offers the public a gift catalog of presents that can go from under $20 to more than $500.

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Rising Voice

Rising Voice challenges Christians to take Christmas one step further by encouraging the community to learn more about social and policy issues and take action to make a difference. The charity offers the public a variety of alternatives, from supporting local companies that give back to the community or charitable causes to helping children and women who have been victims to sex trafficking.

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Be An Elf Group

Participating post offices accept "To Santa" letters from impoverished kids and dispatch gifts via U.S. Mail with a "from Santa" postmark. This micro-generosity allows any person to have direct contact with the child through mail. The group also accepts financial donations if anyone is unable to offer up time to deliver the gifts.

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Hello Rewind

Hello Rewind is a social enterprise that allows you to turn an old t-shirt into a computer, iPad or notebook sleeve. The business supports women who have been sex trafficked in New York. All proceeds go to the charity.

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