Christmas Tragedy: Connecticut Fire Kills 5

A fire broke out on Christmas Day at a Stamford, Conn. home killing five people, including three children.

The fire broke out at the home of advertising executive and founder of the New York City-based Badger & Winters Group, Madonna Badger, in the early hours of Christmas morning.

Badger gained notoriety in the fashion industry for her work with industry leader Calvin Kline.

Badger was instrumental in crafting Obsession perfume ads as well as gained acclaim for her work on Calvin Kline underwear campaigns.

The home, owned by Badger and her husband Matthew caught on fire prior to 5 a.m. local time and claimed the lives of the couple’s three children and Badger’s visiting parents. Badger survived the fire along with an acquaintance.

“It is a terrible, terrible day,” Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia told reporters.

“There probably has not been a worse Christmas day in the city of Stamford,” he solemnly added.

Neighbors were woken up in the early hours of Christmas morning to screams coming from the burning home.

“We heard this screaming at 5 in the morning. The whole house was ablaze and I mean ablaze,” neighbor Sam Cingari Jr. told AP.

Speaking to reporters, veteran fireman and Stamford Fire Chief Antonio Conte was brought to tears.

“I’ve been on this job 38 years,” Conte said fighting back tears, “Not an easy day.”

The Badger’s purchased the 3,349-square foot home only a year ago in December 2010. They bought the home for $1.7 million, according to the Stamford assessment office website.

The home had been undergoing substantial renovations over the past year but it remains unclear what started the deadly blaze.

Officials say that due to the severe damages caused by the fire, it will take several days to determine what caused the fire to break out.