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Christmas Tree Health Risks: Experts Say Holiday Decor Carry Allergens

Christmas Tree Health Risks: Experts Say Holiday Decor Carry Allergens

A family searches for the perfect Christmas tree, December 6, 2015. | REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Christmastime is coming, and for many families, that means shopping for a new Christmas tree. However, experts have revealed that Christmas trees may pose certain health hazards.

According to the Daily Mail, Christmas trees may trigger allergic reactions in people and could be a hazard for those who have asthma. This is comparable to hay fever experienced by many in the summer.

"Currently around one in five people suffer from hay fever in the UK and NHS Choices report that indoor allergies are very common and that around ten to 20 percent of the population has an indoor allergy," HayMax allergen barrier creator Max Wiseberg said.

Wiseberg continued, "And we can't even escape it at Christmas time as the mold, pollen, and dust collecting on our Christmas tree can trigger symptoms."

In order to avoid these health risks, real Christmas trees should be dusted or cleaned before bringing them into the house. By doing this, allergens are minimized. The trees should also stay in a part of the house that is not prone to much heat.

But, real Christmas trees are not the only holiday décor that pose these health risks. Artificial Christmas trees can also collect dust while stored away. These fake trees are best dusted off by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Plastic bags should also be used when storing Christmas decorations — or any decorations for that matter — in order to avoid the accumulation of dust.

While a lot of families prefer using real Christmas trees, some Americans may not have much a choice this year. According to PEOPLE, the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) has revealed that the United States is looking at a shortage in supply this holiday season. This will result in more expensive Christmas trees being sold in the market. For cheaper trees, shoppers should wait until near the end of December since this is usually when sellers drop prices.