Christmas Tree Shortage Affecting The U.S. As Holidays Approach

Reuters/Chris KeaneThere may be shortage of real Christmas trees this year, farmers say.

Those who are planning to use real fir as their Christmas tree this year are encouraged to buy one early as there is a shortage of the real thing.

While it is true that more and more people are opting for artificial Christmas trees, it can't be denied that many still prefer to go for the real fir tree as the centerpiece of their holiday embellishments. However, as it is estimated that there will be a shortage of around one million real fir trees in the U.S. this year, consumers are advised to purchase one early to make sure that they can bring home one.

According to Pete Elliott from Treeland Christmas Trees, this has been the roughest year in terms of the availability of real fir trees is concerned. Elliot opines that real fir trees have never been this limited as far as he can remember since his father got into the business in 1965.

Although the limited number of fir trees this year can be attributed to many factors, it is said that much of it can be blamed for the recession that farmers experienced some years ago. Because of the financial difficulties that the farmers experienced a few years back, they used their fields in planting something else that would be more profitable for them.

"A lot of farmers were bankrupt or trying to stay above water and decided to plow their field. It's just to the time where that plowing the fields and stuff, has caught up," Elliott said.

Because of the apparent shortage of fir trees, Elliott encourages those planning to use a good quality real fir tree as their Christmas tree this year to purchase one early. After all, real trees can last between four and six weeks if they are properly cared for, specifically by placing it in a stable stand and not allowing it to dry up during the holiday season.