Christopher Dorner Gruesome Photos for Sale? Pictures of Ex-Cop's Mutilated Body Surfacing

Gruesome pictures of former police officer Christopher Dorner, who was killed last week after hiding out in a California forest, have been put up for sale.

Dorner allegedly shot himself last week after being barricaded in a cabin by police. The cabin caught fire following a shootout before Dorner turned the gun on himself, police said. Now, photos of Dorner's mutilated body have been put up for sale, according to reports.

The photos are "gruesome" according to TMZ, who reported that the seller had made an attempt to sell the photos to their publication. While deciding not to move on the pictures, the site offered an explanation of what the photos contained.

"The top of Dorner's head is gone ... presumably the result of the self-inflicted gunshot wound that ended his life after the gun battle at a remote cabin in Big Bear, CA last week," the news site reported. "The body is missing several limbs ... including an arm and parts of a leg ... and his midsection is charred from the fire that consumed the cabin during the Feb. 12 shoot-out."

Dorner is accused of killing at least four people leading up to his death, two of whom were police officers in the L.A.P.D. where Dorner once worked. In a manifesto he posted on the Internet, Dorner claimed that the killings were an attempt to seek vengeance after accusing the police department of being racially biased.

"The department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days. It has gotten worse," Dorney wrote in the manifesto, which was published on Monday. He also alluded to a 2007 case where he charged a fellow officer with using excessive force on a suspect. His claim was investigated and inevitably resulted in Dorner being fired on the basis of making "false claims."

It was not clear who had taken the pictures although TMZ referred to the person a motivated seller who was "definitely on the hunt for a buyer."