Christopher Dorner Search: $1 Million Reward, 600 Tips, No Clues

The search is still on for Chris Dorner, a former police officer suspected of multiple killings. Authorities have received over 600 leads.

The search for Dorner continued over the weekend, prompting Grammy officials to increase security at the awards ceremony. Police confirmed Monday in a Los Angeles press conference that they have received over 600 tips over the tip line.

Hundreds of investigators are following up on leads, Department Lt. Andy Neiman said Monday. On Sunday, officials announced a $1 million award for information leading to the arrest of Dorner.

"Our commitment is to finding Mr. Dorner and making this city safe again," Neiman said.

Police believe Dorner is behind two killings that occurred over a week ago and the shooting of four police officers last Thursday, one who suffered from fatal injuries. Before beginning the spree, Dorner left an online manifesto linked to his Facebook page, laying out plans of those he intended to kill while also addressing certain celebrities and implying that he would eventually take his own life.

In the manifesto, Dorner, a former LAPD officer, stated that his motive for killing other officers was fueled by growing racist view points within the force.

"The department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days. It has gotten worse," Dorney wrote in the manifesto, which was published on Monday. He also alluded to a 2007 case where he charged a fellow officer with using excessive force on a suspect. His claim was investigated and inevitably resulted in Dorner being fired on the basis of making "false claims."

Police have placed a major focus of their search in Big Bear Lake, Calif., although no credible leads have been offered to the public to provide new insight into the case.

"You have to remember how these things come in," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told the local ABC News station. "They come in by the hundreds so you have to triage them. You have to assign detectives to them, all of that, so it's a laborious process, very resource intensive, very time intensive. We may in fact have the clue that leads to him in our hands right now. We just don't know."