Friday, July 15, 2011
Chrome Speeding Up, IE and Firefox Slowing Down,

Chrome Speeding Up, IE and Firefox Slowing Down,

Larry Page on Thursday revealed some impressive metrics for Google's platforms and programs including a userbase of more than 10 million in Google+, 550,000 daily phone activations for the Android mobile OS, and 160 million active Chrome Web browser users.

160 million sounds like an enormous number, but how is it faring against other popular Web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox?

According to Statcounter's report for July 2011, Chrome's current 160 million users represent 21.78 percent of the total global Web browser market share, an impressive 12 percent hike since July 2010's 9.88 percent.

Compared to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome is dangerously catching up. Microsoft's IE currently makes up 42.74 percent of the total market share, down 10 percent since July 2010 and since July 2009. In raw figures, Internet Explorer's user base is currently at 313 million users, roughly.

Against Firefox, Google's Web browser has been stunningly encroaching in. Firefox makes up 28.02 percent of the total market share, just two percent less than last July and just seven percent more than the Chrome.

IE leads the browser market share with more than 50% in 2010. Chrome is .1% shy to reach the 10% mark. | (Image: Statcounter)
In July 2011, Chrome's market share grew by 10% while IE and Firefox both lost ground in the total global web-browser territory. | (Image: Statcounter)

Apple's Safari also revealed growth, currently at 10.65 percent of the total market share, which is up from 4.09 percent in July 2010.

Statcounter bears some significant discrepancies to a second source, NetMarketShare which displays the results for the June 2011 global Web browser market share as the following:

Global Web Browser Market Share, July 2011 | (Image: Christian Post / Stats: NetMarketShare)

NetMarketShare's report remains consistent to the reports from popular tech website Arstechnica while Statcounter is more aligned to another Web-metrics company called W3Counter.

Although Google's Chrome still remains diminutive compared to IE and Firefox in both reports, its potential cannot be undermined.

Chrome already leads the browser war as of July 2011 in various South American countries such as Chile and Uruguay against IE with 12 and 13 percent, respectively.

Its rapid growth has also helped it dominate the small country Albania, in Southern Eastern Europe.


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