Church-Going Family Wakes Up to House Being Shot 30 Times

(WSVN Screenshot)A Florida family's house was shot 30 times in the early morning of Dec. 18, 2013.

A Florida family was fast asleep when their house was bombarded with more than 30 rounds of bullets on Dec. 18.

At around 4 a.m. a drive-by shooter or shooters emptied out their weapons onto the Miami-Dade home for close to a minute. The bullets broke the windows of two of the family's cars and flew through the windows and walls, breaking many of the family's picture frames.

The Louis' four-person immediate family, as well as two Haitian visitors, were asleep inside.

"I heard the shots about 4 in the morning going boom, boom, boom," Dieufait Louis told Miami CBS Local. "I started crying because there are too many shootings. I was scared. I didn't know what was happening."

David, Dieufait's son, said that after his mom woke up, she immediately called on God for his protection.

"My mom was just standing up, she was praying, she was bold," David told NBC Miami. "She didn't care that bullets were flying, they were still shooting."

The family said they have no idea who might have targeted them, saying that they attend church and sponsor two orphanages in Haiti.

"I have lived in this home with my family since 1992 and nothing like this has happened," Dieufait said.

"The bullet holes are everywhere, in the walls as you can see and they have shattered all of the picture frames. By the big holes in the wall, you can tell they were out to kill," added Dieufait.

The family was not shy about crediting God for keeping them safe.

"I was so relieved that no one was hurt," David added. "God is on our side. Six people were in the house and 32 shots were fired and no one was injured."

Earlier that morning, about 15 blocks away from the house, another woman reported 10 bullets from a high-powered weapon entering her home.

Alpha Fluitt called on the police to find the individuals responsible for attacking hers and the Louis' home.

"We need to find out where the person is that you're angry with and send them with them, and stop involving innocent people in these things that they don't have anything to do with," Fluitt told WSVN.

Both of the families' whose homes were shot have lived in their neighborhoods for roughly 20 years and while this episode has scared them, they have no intention of leaving their communities.

"My parents still want to stay here, and as long as they want to stay here, we will be here," said David, though he acknowledged that his family has been taking additional security precautions since Wednesday.

Police have not named any potential suspects in the case and are still investigating to see if the two shootings are connected.