Cindy Crawford Champagne Photo: Critics Call Supermodel 'Desperate' (PHOTO)

In celebration for the New Year, Cindy Crawford has posted photos of herself on Twitter enjoying a bottle of champagne.

The photos, which reveal the supermodel wearing a short black dress while drinking a bottle of champagne before pouring it over herself, began a number of conversations. The pictures were part of a photo shoot the Crawford was doing before the night's celebrations.

"Happy New Year!!" Crawford wrote on her Facebook. "We're popping champagne tonight to ring in the new year... although it probably won't be as fun as doing this shoot with Terry Richardson."

Some users criticized the photo, suggesting that Crawford came off as "desperate."

"It doesn't work and seems a bit desperate. I give her a lot of credit. She is still very pretty. But she can't pull this off without it looking just a bit sad," one user prompted on the Daily Mail blog.

"Please Cindy you do not need to do this!" another user prompted.

The model, however, has defended herself in the past by suggesting that she has no desire to hash up her past and look the same way she once did.

"I don't look the same as I did 20 years ago, nor should I. Sometimes I get that little pang, like 'Oh, bummer, I wish I did.' But at the same time, I see my children and I see them growing up and I look at my husband and the marriage that we've worked on and have together, and if all that is good and working, it's a lot easier to be kind to your little fine lines or where gravity's gotten the better of you," the model said during a 2011 interview.

At the time, Crawford acknowledged that her priority now was to set a good example of health for her children instead of trying to fit into a mold.

"I think the way kids learn most is not by what you say, but by what you do," Crawford said. "They see me making healthy choices, and they see my husband and I exercising."