Cissy Houston Trying to Withold $20M From Bobbi Kristina Because of 'Negative Influences'

Cissy Houston, the mother of the late singer Whitney Houston, thinks her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown,19, should wait to mature before receiving her inheritance money from the well-known entertainer's death.

TMZ reports that Brown's grandmother is worried that she will end up like her mother, facing an untimely death. With a $20 million estate reportedly awaiting Brown, who is working on her acting career, Cissy reportedly believes that her granddaughter will fall victim to various "negative influences," TMZ stated.

The late Houston reportedly left her daughter as the sole heir of her estate, which will grant her 10 percent of the estate at age 21, another one-sixth at age 25 and the remaining balance at age 30, according to Forbes. However, Cissy and Whitney's sister-in-law Pat Houston are reportedly looking to change the terms of the will which was created in 1993 so that Bobbi Kristina's money would be distributed over a longer period of time to better her future.

According to reports, Cissy and Pat have sought help to do so in court because they see the 19-year-old budding actress as a "highly visible target for those who would exert undue influence over her inheritance and/or seek to benefit from [Bobbi Kristina's] resources and celebrity."

While some have accused Cissy of wanting to withhold her granddaughter's inheritance for herself, sources told TMZ that this is untrue and that she is just looking for Bobbi Kristina to mature.

While the public is witnessing some of the proceedings surrounding her daughter's estate, Houston, 79-year-old gospel singer, signed a deal with Harper Collins publishing company earlier this year to release a book that would reveal the "unabridged and unbelievable story" of her well-known singer and actress daughter. Houston said she hoped to write the book to share her daughter's life with her fans who continued to contact the family.

"When I lost my daughter Nippy (Whitney Houston's nickname), the world lost one of the most beautiful voices and an extraordinarily beautiful and charitable woman," Houston said in a statement Monday. "In sharing our story in this book, I hope to give her fans something to treasure, the way we all treasured Whitney. We are still receiving thousands of letters each day from her fans, and I hope reading this book will provide a deeper understanding into my daughter's true story."