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'Cities: Skylines' Now Free on Steam Until Monday

'Cities: Skylines' Now Free on Steam Until Monday

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For those looking for a SimCity-themed game on a very tight budget, "Cities: Skylines" Is currently free on Steam for a limited time period. Further reports also reveal that several version of the game as well as the game itself is being sold at a very steep discount, offered especially those who love to create whole cities.

According to reports, "Cities: Skylines" is free until Monday, Feb. 12. the limited time period is presumably meant to allow fans of the simulation game to see what "Cities: Skylines" has to offer. This means that it is seeking out those who find great pleasure in planning out an entire city, including managing the sewers and building parks. The game developers of the game have yet to release a statement on the new development, but fans were thrilled to find the hidden treasure to be offering a free trial to those who did not expect it.

To make the deal sweeter, further reports have revealed that the base version of the game is being offered for just $8, which means that it is available for nearly 75 percent off. Furthermore, the deluxe version of the game is being sold at an affordable price tag of $10, which is again 75 percent off the actual price. For those who already own the game, they may want to consider the pack for the deluxe edition, which is only priced at $3. Regardless of the bundles that the fans will choose, "Cities: Skylines" is definitely offering a sweet deal for everyone involved.

There is no word on whether or not the free trial will be extended, but more information is expected to be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, fans are advised to stay tuned for more updates on the future of "Cities: Skylines."

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