Claiming Chuck Colson's Legacy

 "Is Eric Metaxas the Next Chuck Colson?" That was the jarring Washington Post headline a couple of days ago. At least it was jarring to me, because the simple answer is an emphatic NO. But a more nuanced answer would be a very qualified "yes," but I'll get to that in a minute.

The author of the article, Sarah Pulliam Bailey of Religion News Service, interviewed me last month. We had a great conversation. I wasn't tickled that she mentioned a vicious review of my Bonhoeffer book, but it was a decent article nonetheless. Still, the comparison to Chuck was tough to take, since I revere him so much. Sarah noted in the article that I introduced what became Chuck's last speech just over a year ago. And that soon after he was stricken, I began filling in for him right here on BreakPoint.

I passionately prayed it was just a temporary gig, because I so wanted Chuck to recover. But God had other plans, and here I am.