Claire Danes and Anderson Cooper in Prom Photo? (VIDEO)

Actress Claire Danes and Anderson Cooper both went to the same New York City high school, but a new photo unveiled on Cooper's show reveals the pair going to prom together as well.

Claire Danes, the actress who plays Carrie Mathison in "Homeland" on Showtime, did a Wednesday interview with Anderson Cooper on "Anderson Live!" During the interview, Cooper brought up that they had both attended the same high school.

"So we both attended the same high school," Cooper started. "Which I did not realize because you were clearly so much younger than me."

Danes agreed that she also attended the school, although she added that she was only there for a semester. Cooper then asked Danes, "What were you like in high school?"

"Um, amazing!" Danes responds. "Fully formed and very polished."

But despite the fact that both of the celebrities attended school at least 14 years apart, Cooper said his team was able to compose a picture of them both attending prom. The photo reveals what they would have looked like if they had gone together.

"I don't think there would have be much kissing involved," Danes joked about going to the prom with Cooper. She admitted that she had never "really" gone to prom.

After seeing the photo Danes responded "Oh my lord!"

"We're both wearing sashes," Cooper intoned. "I guess I'm prom king and you're prom queen."

"That's amazing, of course we were," Danes responded.

In reality, Danes is actually married to actor Hugh Dancy and pregnant with their first child. Cooper sent the actress a few gifts since she's prepararing for the baby.